The Faculty / Faculty Board
The Faculty meets at least twice a year. It is the Faculty that promotes professional training and standards of practice in the specialty. It also prescribes the curriculum for postgraduate professional training in the specialty. The Faculty conducts the Fellowship examinations in the specialty and organizes such other activities (e.g. workshops, symposia, update and revision courses) and other activities as may promote the aims and objectives of the College. The Faculty Board exercises the powers of the Faculties, by:

  1. Preparing and periodically reviewing the curriculum for the Diploma of the Fellowship of the College in the Faculty.
  2. Evaluating applications for all examinations for the Diploma of the Fellowship of the College in the Faculty.
  3. Evaluating applications for candidates applying for the Fellowship of the College by-election and make recommendations to the Council, and
  4. Evaluating applications from candidates for approved examinations of the College in the Faculty.

Education and Research Committee
This committee comprises the Chairman, Secretary and Chief Examiner from each Faculty. The President of the College is the Chairman of the committee and the Secretary-General the Secretary.  The Education and Research Committee performs the following functions:

  1. Arranges workshops, seminars and other educational activities on behalf of the College.
  2. Organizes and coordinates postgraduate courses.
  3. Organizes the Annual Scientific Meetings of the College.
  4. Through its Research sub-committee, makes recommendations on policies and priorities for research, organizes and supervises collaborative research with other organisations, seeks external research funding and disburses research grants.
  5. Organizes and advises on such other activities as may enhance the educational and research functions of the College.

Accreditation Committee
The Accreditation Committee of the College comprises one Fellow from each Faculty of the College appointed by the Council on the nomination of the Faculty Board. The Chairman of the Committee is the College President and the Secretary is the Secretary-General.  The functions of the Committee are:

  • To carry out the inspection of institutions in the member countries which provide postgraduate professional medical education in order to assess the suitability of such institutions and their programmes for training in each particular specialty.
  • To determine the criteria for recognition of postgraduate medical specialist qualifications obtained outside the member countries.

Finance and General Purposes Committee
The Finance and General Purposes Committee comprises The President of the College, the Immediate Past President, the Vice-Presidents, the President-Elect, the Secretary-General, the College Treasurer and the Immediate Past Secretary-General.  The Committee acts on behalf of the full Council in between meetings of the Council and in situations of emergency where the full Council may not be able to meet. The functions of this committee are:

  • Preparation of annual estimates for the College.
  • Assisting the President and the Secretary-General in administering the College in-between Annual General Meetings.
  • Carrying out the directives of the Council.
  • Appointing senior staff of the College.