The chapter holds an Annual Scientific and General Meeting (AGSM) across Nigeria cities in July of every year. Past themes and sub-themes of the chapter included





Medicine and Climate Change

  1. Disaster Preparedness and Management, Eradication of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospect,
  2. Postgraduate Medical Training: Ensuring Standards and Quality Assurance.


Governance and the Future of the Health Sector in Nigeria

  1. Substance Abuse among Youths
  2. Health sector Personnel conflicts in Nigeria
  3. MDGs:2015 Targets in Nigeria-Myth or Reality
  4. Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)


Current Health, Social and Economic Challenges of Infectious Diseases in Nigeria

Theme: “Sub Themes:

  1. Life style and Communicable diseases in Nigeria
  2. Emerging Epidemic and Cultural Practices
  3. Synergism of Nutrition and Infection
  4. New diagnostics and Preventive tools of Infectious diseases


Challenges of Medical Practices in the Face Insurgency

  1. Health Issues in the IDP camps
  2. Lassa fever: Our preparedness and response


Universal Access to Health: A Basic Necessity for Attainment of Sustainable Development Goal 3

  1. Building Sustainable Health Care Leadership for SDG


Enhancing Performance of the Healthcare System in Nigeria


  1. Healthcare Professional Training and Practice in Nigeria: the Ethos, Pathos and Logos
  2. Making Nigeria a Medical Tourist Destination
  3. Audit of Chronic Medical Disorders in Nigeria
  4. Impact of Social Ills on Health in Contemporary Nigeria


Healthcare Governance in Nigeria

  1. The state of Health Insurance and healthcare financing in Nigeria
  2. Exodus of Healthcare professionals: implications for Nigeria
  3. The State of emergency medical services in Nigeria
  4. Medicine and The Law



Nigeria Health Indices –Challenges and Prospects in a Contemporary World

  1. Work life balance for Physicians in Nigeria
  2. Changing age dynamics in Nigeria
  3. Healthcare financing in Nigeria: opportunities and obstacles in Medical education in Nigeria