The Faculty of Psychiatry held her Chapter Faculty Meeting on Tuesday, 16th July 2019 at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Abeokuta.

The meeting was called to order at 3:18 pm by the Chairman.

Thirty (30) Fellows attended the meeting and 11 Fellows sent in their apologies.

No necrology reported.

The Faculty decried the lack of funds owing to the inability to open a Chapter Faculty account. The meeting encouraged executives to expedite the process of opening the account and also implored Fellows to pay up their annual dues as soon as the account number is made available.
The meeting also noted that the Chapter is yet to release the proceeds (amounting to N260,000:00) of the Kaduna Preconference workshop of the faculty.

The meeting noted the low level of publicity given to the Update Course in Ghana and requested that such programs should be given wide publicity.

The Faculty considered the possibility of changing the name of the Faculty from the Faculty of Psychiatry to Faculty of Mental Health and Psychiatry to reflect who we are and what we do. The meeting considered taking up the discussion at the College level.

Drs Richard Uwakwe, Veronica Inyamale, and Babagana Kundi were nominated to represent the faculty at the Chapter Grant and Research TOT.
The Faculty mounted a very successful Preconference workshop on Monday 15th July 2019 with a theme: Current Assessment methods and the challenges: what are the future considerations? Thirty (30) Fellows and one (1) Member attended the workshop which was facilitated by highly-rated speakers drawn from the Faculty.

The Chairman thanked all participants for attending both the Preconference workshop and the Faculty meeting. He encouraged Fellows to endeavor to be bringing their trainees to the Faculty and College functions as part of the process of mentorship.
The meeting came to a close at 5:16 pm

Dr. Taiwo Lateef Sheikh.                                                                     Dr. Appolos Ndukuba
Chapter Faculty Chairman.                                                                   Chapter Faculty Secretary